Anyone who has lived through a spring in Texas knows that Texas weather can be unpredictably severe, and it often can damage homes, businesses, cars and other property.  Most Texans faithfully pay insurance carriers premiums just in case they fall victim to this type of damage.  All they want is what they have a right to expect—that is, for the insurance companies to cover their losses when these unfortunate damages occur to them, without a fight, a struggle or delay or games.

Too often, however, Texas families, businesses, churches, and schools struggle to be paid in full and on time for their valid claims. That’s why legal protections are necessary to deter bad conduct and hold insurers accountable.

But, insurance lobbyists are swarming the Texas Capitol to force through legislation that would eliminate many of those protections, and get insurance companies off the hook for denying, delaying, and underpaying the valid claims of Texas families and businesses. SB 10 and HB 1774, more aptly referred to as the “The Blue Tarp Bills,” lessen penalties for insurers and prolongs the rebuilding process for Texas communities.

If insurance lobbyists have their way, Texas will be blanketed in blue tarps while its citizens wait to obtain insurance benefits they are entitled to, under the insurance policies they pay for diligently.

Now is the time to for Texas citizens to hold insurance companies accountable to their obligations and to fight for their property rights.

Texans should not be forced by insurance companies to leave their damaged properties damaged, because of insurance companies’ games and delay tactics.  And when Texans are forced to hold their insurance companies accountable in court in order to get their valid claims paid, they must not run into legislative road blocks that incentivize insurance companies to behave badly in the first place.

Time is running out to raise your voice! HB 1774 will be debated on the House floor as early as Thursday, May 4th.

Take one minute to sign and share the petition here, telling your representative to stand for you, not the big insurance companies.