Insurance Bad Faith and Failure to Fairly Settle Claims

Insurance Bad Faith

  • Wrongful denial of life insurance claim. The Firm obtained a multi-million dollar settlement of claims against a large life insurance company for failing to pay on a life insurance policy.
  • Failure to pay property damage claim. The Firm obtained a large six figure settlement for a building owner forced to sue its insurance company after refusing to pay for substantial damage to building following a storm.
  • Wrongful Denial of the Duty to Defend. The Firm was successful in obtaining a declaratory judgment in Federal Court against an insurance company where the Court ordered the insurance company to assume the defense of the Firm’s business client under the terms of a Commercial General Liability (“CGL”) policy. In the process, the Firm was able to recover in excess of $130,000 in attorneys fees. Western Rim Investment Advisors, Inc. et. al. v. Gulf Insurance Company, 269 F. Supp. 2d 836 (N.D. Tex. 2003).


For most individuals and businesses, insurance is not something that is usually a concern unless a serious problem or claim occurs.

It is at this time when insurance is needed the most, that many insurance companies do not step up to the plate and honor their contracts and fail to fairly handle and pay claims.  Over the years, the Firm has successfully handled cases against insurance companies for the failure to pay life and disability insurance benefits.  The Firm has also prosecuted numerous uninsured motorist claims.

The Firm has also successfully represented numerous business owners in disputes over Commercial General Liability (CGL) policies. Contact us to discuss your case.