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Over the years, we have achieved successful results in numerous diverse cases. We take on many different legal matters, do what it takes to learn the issues involved, assemble the best experts and, when necessary, local or co-counsel, to achieve the desired results. Unlike many firms, we work our cases up for trial so that we are always prepared to see them through to final trial. This strategy produces the most effective protection and best settlements.

The cases below provide a sample of the results we have achieved through trial, arbitration or settlement. They were litigated in state and federal courts in Texas and throughout the United States.


Settlement of $19 Million

for serious catastrophic injuries resulting from an automobile collision
Attorneys Fees: $3.7 Million
Costs: $48,274

Settlement of $7 Million

for wrongful death resulting from an aviation crash
Attorneys Fees: $2.8 Million
Costs: $125,207

Settlement of $5 Million

for catastrophic injuries resulting from a medical device
Attorneys Fees: $2 Million
Costs: $104,515

Settlement of $1.25 Million

for a mild traumatic brain injury sustained in an elevator accident.
Attorneys Fees: $433,750
Costs: $129,295.07

Settlement of $39.5 Million Value

for a medical data breach class action where encrypted medical records were revealed over the internet.
Attorneys Fees: $6,877,309.59
Costs: $572,690.41

Settlement of $80 Million Value

for class action against dietary supplement maker for fabrication of ingredients.
Attorneys Fees & Costs: $3,650,000.00

Settlement of $1.77 Million

from an accident caused by drunk driver.
Attorneys Fees: $710,000
Costs: $56,298.83

Settlement of $2.75 Million

for wrongful death from a helicopter crash.
Attorneys Fees: $1.1 million
Costs: $358,176.65

Settlement of $900,000

for wrongful death where an 18 wheeler ran a red light and struck a motorcyclist.
Attorneys Fees: $360,000
Costs: $32,510.93

Settlement of $2.25 Million

for the wrongful death of an oil rig worker in route to repair a rig in Nigeria.
Attorneys Fees: $829,500
Costs: $33,158.84

Settlement of $2.125 Million

for the wrongful death sustained in and 18 wheeler rollover due to insufficient roof strength an support protection system.
Attorneys Fees: $703,219.23
Costs: $244,128

Settlement of $400,000

for client that sustained a neck injury when she was rear-ended.
Attorneys Fees: $160,000
Costs: $3,647.70

Settlement of $355,000

for shareholder dispute.
Attorneys Fees: $107,919.06
Costs: $21,250.08

Settlement of $1.7 Million

for a contract dispute for the post-business sale of stock.
Attorneys Fees: $515,000
Costs: $200,000

Settlement of $810,000

for copyright infringement of software application.
Attorneys Fees: $290,461.46
Costs: $39,538.54

Settlement of $1.6 Million

for failure to pay on a life insurance policy.
Attorneys Fees: $550,000
Costs: $31,477.10


Reported Cases

Western Union Investment Advisors, Inc. v. Gulf Insurance Company,
269 F. Supp 2d 836 (N.D. Tex. 2003)
96 Fed. Appx. 960 (5th Cir. 2004)
(Holding insurance company must tender a defense of claims)

Woods v. P.A.M. Transport, Inc.
440 Fed. Appx. 265
(5th Cir. 2011)
(Holding arbitration award enforceable)

USA Truck, Inc v. West
189 S.W.3d 904.
(Tex. App. – Texarkana 2006, pet. denied)
(Holding verdict affirmed and affirming punitive damage award against individual truck driver)

Featured Trial Verdicts

Settlement of $6.8 Million Value

for verdict against hospital that let heart patient go blind.
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Copeland v. Golden Acres
When Jan Copeland’s father was placed in this local nursing home, she believed that he would be carefully watched over and taken care of. Instead, the opposite occurred and he was injured and suffered a severe stomach bleed that took his life. A Dallas County jury agreed and awarded $51 million dollars.  This verdict was listed in the National Law Journal’s Top 50 nationwide verdicts.  The case was subsequently settled for a confidential amount.

West v. USA Truck, Inc.
When Patty West’s son Nathan was killed in a collision with an 18-wheeler, she had a lot of unanswered questions. Through our tireless efforts, we were able to discover that the driver was operating his truck in violation of federal statutory hours of service regulations, local ordinances and even his own company’s practices. A Hopkins County jury agreed and actually awarded punitive damages assessed against the truck driver which very rarely happens in automobile accidents.

Shepherd v. Dallas County
Stanley Shepherd literally came to our offices in a wheelchair looking for help after having been turned away from a number of other lawyers. While he was a pre-trial detainee, the Dallas County Jail failed to give him his medicine which led to a paralyzing stroke. Our firm worked to identify a number of deficiencies at the Dallas County Jail in this Civil Rights case, many of which were also found by the United States Department of Justice. A Dallas federal jury agreed and his case was one of a few that led to instrumental changes at the jail.

The State of Texas v. Colonia Tepeyac, Ltd., a Texas Limited Partnership, et al
In this eminent domain/condemnation case, the State of Texas attempted to condemn a portion of our client’s business property for an astoundingly low price. Through the use of innovative theories and experts, we were able to obtain a jury verdict in Dallas County for an amount in excess of what the State offered.

JSZ Financial Co., Inc. v. Carol Ann Ackerman
In this Landlord/Tenant matter, our client was a college student who had rented a house with a couple of roomates. At the end of the lease, the landlord and a finance company sued her for damages they claimed were caused by the tenants and threatened to ruin her credit. At trial, we were able to establish that any damage was considered normal wear and tear and/or was the responsibility of the landlord and a jury agreed.