About Us

Our History and Who We Are

After starting their legal careers in large-scale Dallas firms, brothers Kenneth and Robert Chaiken realized they were losing opportunities to offer personalized service to clients that desperately needed their help. To fulfill their passion to serve clients who often are neglected by bigger law firms, Ken and Rob created Chaiken & Chaiken, P.C. in 1998.

The vision set out by Ken and Rob was to create a boutique law practice that combines small firm, personalized family-like client service and attention with the ability to achieve “big firm results.” Without the bureaucracy and conflicts of interest that often arise in large firm settings, Ken and Rob wanted the ability to represent the types of clients they want to represent. Chaiken & Chaiken is able to do just that as a trial law and crisis management firm offering strategic and thoughtful legal advice that is designed to manage risk by preventing crises, claims and controversies from occurring, and to respond and successfully resolve them when they do occur, all the way through trial if necessary.

Since its inception, Chaiken & Chaiken P.C. has represented individuals, families, Fortune 500 corporations and small businesses alike, in a broad array of civil controversies, disputes and crises. Whether representing business clients in complex, high stakes dispute resolution negotiations or civil litigation matters, or individuals and families dealing with life altering personal injury matters, we are comfortable, confident and experienced in guiding our clients through the entire process of crisis, controversy, dispute and claims management–from the beginning of a problem, through settlement by agreement, or trial.  And when the need arises, we represent companies and individuals in navigating the very complicated process of responding to white collar criminal investigations and indictments.

Whether protecting a client’s reputation in the face of damaging publicity, negotiating with adversaries or governmental or regulatory entities, or trying complex lawsuits to a judgment, from the onset of a crisis or legal problem through its conclusion, we aggressively and creatively marshal all necessary resources to provide intelligent, innovative representation with skill, tenacity and integrity.  With an eye toward thoroughly preparing a case for trial if the need for a trial should arise, we selectively represent both plaintiffs and defendants in pre-suit  negotiations and problem solving, to be sure, but only because we are trial lawyers in the truest sense of the word. Our decades of experience seeing both sides of the types of disputes, disagreements and controversies we are involved in, from beginning to end, allows us to craft unique strategies for success, regardless of what side of a controversy our clients may find themselves facing.

When difficult circumstances require experienced, talented and successful legal counsel, and demand personal attention and flexibility that only a sophisticated small firm can provide, the lawyers and team at Chaiken & Chaiken are ready to respond and assist. Read about our successes that have been recognized in the legal and business communities.

Fee Arrangements

Our outstanding record of successful legal representation isn’t the only thing that sets us apart from the competition. Unlike most firms, we have the ability to customize our fee arrangements, creatively and to meet each client’s specific needs, enabling us to provide superior value. While we offer a traditional hourly model, and alternative arrangements that reduce upfront costs and base our fee on results. These fee structures may include reduced hourly charges or flat fees coupled with a success bonus, or a full contingent fee arrangement where we receive no payment unless there is a recovery. Fee arrangements are made on a case-by-case basis.